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Ordering on Jointlax™ is safe and quick. We offer different packages, depending on the severity of your condition. Please choose a program from the options that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service help line.

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    Jointlax (6 Bottles)
    Progressive Program
    • 6 Bottle Supply *BEST VALUE*
    • Jointlax™ Tablets
    • Buy 3 at regular price + Get 3 Free
    List Price: $419.70 Save: $280 (67%)
    $23.30 /Each
    Your Price: $139.70
    SALE: Save $280
    Recommended for Moderate to Severe Joint Conditions & Ongoing Use.
    Jointlax (4 Bottles)
    Advanced Program
    • 4 Bottle Supply *TOP SELLER*
    • Jointlax™ Tablets
    • Buy 2 at regular price + Get 2 Free
    List Price: $279.80 Save: $180 (64%)
    $24.95 /Each
    Your Price: $99.80
    SALE: Save $180
    Recommended for Mild to Moderate Joint Conditions.
    Jointlax (2 Bottles)
    Mild Program
    • 2 Bottle Supply
    • Jointlax™ Tablets
    • Buy 1 at reg. price + Get 1 50% off
    List Price: $139.90 Save: $70 (50%)
    $34.95 /Each
    Your Price: $69.90
    SALE: Save $70
    Recommended for Mild Joint Conditions.
    Jointlax (1 Bottle)
    Sample Bottle
    • 1 Bottle Supply
    • Jointlax™ Tablets
    List Price: $69.95 Save: $20 (29%)
    $49.95 /Each
    Your Price: $49.95
    SALE: Save $20
    Try One month sample Risk Free. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Best Value
You save $300.96
6-Month Supply
Every 6 Months
72% OFF
Total: $118.74
Best Seller
You save $133.44
3-Month Supply
Every 3 Months
64% OFF
Total: $76.42
You save $27.49
1-Month Supply
Every Month
39% OFF
Total: $42.46

*Cancel, postpone or change your subscription at any time. Simply contact customer support and we will take care of it.

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We ship out all orders within 24 hours, unless you order on the weekend (after 10am Friday) or a postal holiday. All orders are shipped discreetly, with no external markings that reveal the contents of the package.

We ship all over the world, with Express Delivery also available. Please refer to the checkout page for shipping rates. All orders are shipped from the US, so expect additional delivery time for international shipping.

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